Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What are the benefits?

  • Get found when people are searching for things related to your business
  • Tap into the largest online channel
  • Build trust and authority in your chosen market

Get our help with:

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO activity. This will tell you what people are searching for, how many people are searching and how much competition there is in your market. It will help determine which pages on your website have the best chance of ranking well.


  • SEO Technical Audit and Recommendations

Our technical audit reviews your site based on how it would appear to search engines. We review over 50 factors that help search engines determine when to show your website in search results. Following our audit, we work with you and your developer on implementing our recommendations.

  • Marketing & Usability Audit and Recommendations

The marketing and usability audit is focussed on how people see your website. We get users to perform simple tasks on your site as well as analysing your site based on best practice. Our focus is on increasing the conversion rate of your site. After all, there’s no point getting people to your site if they don’t turn into sales!


  • On-going Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a medium to long term on-going activity. It’s similar to PR and brand awareness. It takes time for search engines to understand that your website should be ranked highly whenever relevant searches are performed. We’ll do regular website optimisation tasks as well as off-site tasks such as link building, article placement and building online partnerships.


  • Local Search Optimisation

If customers can visit you at your business then it’s likely that local search is hugely important. Local search or Google My Business is an important channel when location and proximity to customers is a factor in purchasing decision. We can help get you ranking when it’s most important when people are close to you and looking for your business.

InsightOnline Case Study

Case Study


Overview JAE is a carpet cleaning and stain treatment company with head offices in Auckland and branches all over New Zealand. We’ve been working with JAE for a number of years and we’re lucky enough to work with a marketing team that’s proactive and works together with us to achieve strong returns from the website. Goals Consistently deliver and improve on leads generated for branches, year after year. Approach We’re playing a long-term game so consistent communication and good processes are super important. What also helps is good analytics and a mindset around continuous improvement. We strive to tweak, make changes, optimise and test the website month after month. Local Search is very important for JAE and a large part of our work has been ensuring visibility in each area for each branch. We constantly look at ways in which to improve conversion rate and search engine visibility. Results Looking back on the last six months compared to the previous year:
  • Average organic and local search traffic has increased by 11%
  • Local search traffic has increased by 41%
  • Lead generation (form submissions) has increased by 62%
InsightOnline Testimonial


“David and Insight Online were recommended to us by our last agency and they’ve consistently worked side by side with my team to keep improving the website. The great results show what a combination of an in-house marketing team partnered with a specialist agency can achieve.”

Mike Barron, Group Business Manager, JAE
Team Dental
InsightOnline Case Study

Case Study

Team Dental


Team Dental is a group of dental clinics focused on providing affordable dentistry around Christchurch, Tauranga & Whangarei. Team Dental and Insight have a long-standing relationship and we count ourselves lucky to be working with Brett & Sarah who make a strong team with terrific business acumen.


Dominate (top three ranking) organic and local search visibility in Christchurch, Tauranga and Whangarei for all relevant search terms


Working together with Brett, Sarah and their development team, we’ve put a lot of work into organic and local search optimisation on the Team Dental website. What’s been particularly important is the addition of blog content and well-optimised branch pages.

We’ve also helped with the management of reviews as Team Dental local search listings have increased in popularity.

Results (Mar 1st – May 31st)

Last three months compared to the previous year:

  • Organic traffic increased by 40% year on year
  • Organic lead generation (form submissions) has increased by 17%
InsightOnline Testimonial


Insight Online has been great to work with. They’ve been honest, transparent in their actions and consistently worked alongside us as a part of our team. We’d highly recommend them.”

Brett Marshall, Managing Director, Team Dental
Team Dental
Insight Online