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If you’re looking to improve your search marketing we should talk. With a brief call, we’ll assess your online status, understand your challenges, and determine if we’re a good fit to help you reach your goals.

Whether we’re the right agency for you or not, we’re sure you’ll learn a lot and find the conversation valuable.

We’ll provide advice on:

  1. Whether your online presence reflects your offline authority and messaging
  2. Critical online success factors such as site speed, mobile optimisation
  3. Determining return on investment, scope, timeframes and budgets


"We have been working with Kim and his team for some time and we’ll keep working together to help grow, develop and improve all your campaigns.

Insight Online have consistently demonstrated a desire to build, optimise and improve the accounts under their care.

This is something that Google has recognised and, as a result, we highly recommend them and their amazing work."

Chiara Motola, Google Agency Development Manager

"Insight Online send us monthly reports which are very easy to understand. We can see how everything is tracking and they are great at answering any questions we have. No question is a stupid question!

Insight Online have been great to work with and we’re really happy with the relationship we have with them."

Leigh Jeffs, Marketing Executive, KidsCan.

"David and Insight Online were recommended to us by our last agency and they've consistently worked side by side with my team to keep improving the website.
The great results show what a combination of an in-house marketing team partnered with a specialist agency can achieve." 
Mike Barron, Group Business Manager, JAE
"We’re thrilled with the results that Insight Online have delivered for World Solar. I have complete trust in them to maximise our budget, decreasing cost per lead, while delivering quality leads that exceed targets.
Their expertise has helped elevate World Solar into the top three solar companies in NZ"
 Samantha Milner, Content Marketing Specialist, Leading Edge
Insight Online